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Sensitive feet and pressure sores are unpleasant and make it uncomfortable to walk and stand. This is often due to diabetes. According to intense research and collaboration with physicians and orthopaedics FinnComfort presents a solution: the prevention shoe.

Return to the pleasure of walking, just put them on and feel good!
Even with sensitive feet you can be easygoing and enjoy your day. Numerous details ensure that your shoes do not pinch, provide support and a natural rolling motion of your feet. For more walking pleasure!

The prevention shoe is also suitable for custom fitted shoe inserts.

Naturally, the prevention shoe is also made of natural materials. Moreover, it is provided with environmentally-friendly PU outsoles. It is handcrafted to a large extent and entirely made in Germany.

Experience the benefits:


Soft toecap Generous forefoot width Padded and reinforced tongue Thoroughly lined
Reinforced cushioning in the ankle area Extended heel counters Completely cushioned forefoot Softly padded footbeds