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Finnamic shoes are “personal trainers“ for your feet and prepare you for the requirements of everyday life. These shoes protect your joints, knees, spine and discs. Step by step, you will gain more stamina and strength thanks to the convex sole design.

Our feet are the part of the body most subject to stress. They carry our entire weight and constantly balance the body's centre of gravity. In the modern world with most floor coverings being bad for your feet it is important to relieve and strengthen your feet at the same time.

The energy-saving rolling motion and the FinnComfort super comfort footbeds simulate barefoot wearing comfort. The perfect, anatomically designed fit is gentle on your ligaments and joints. The natural movement stimulates your blood circulation and metabolism and ensures a good, straight posture and tones your muscles from toe to head.

Experience the benefits::

  Cushioned collar ensures good wearing sensation   Rocker heel design for gentle and cushioned heel strike   FinnComfort super comfort footbeds for even softer treading   Wide and level surface for a secure and relaxed stand
  Perfect, anatomically designed fit supports natural gait   Finest calf leather linings are especially skin-friendly   Elastic toecap ensures permanent space for the toes   Rocker tip promotes the natural forwardrolling action