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FinnComfort footwear is beneficial to our whole body. A shoe with perfect fit, excellent cushioning properties that supports the natural rolling motion is basic for our physical wellbeing.

We are committed to creating this wellbeing – as well as healthy walking and standing. A shoe with perfect fit is one of the basic requirements for physical wellbeing. FinnComfort shoes are so comfortable and have such optimum fit that you do not notice wearing them even after a long day.

This is due to the fact that we devote our energy to careful manufacturing and that we only use high-quality materials, usually all-natural products. And it is also due to the fact that FinnComfort is really “MADE IN GERMANY“ and that our shoes are still hand-crafted in large part.

A sense of well-being that we want to promote not only for you, our customer, but also for our staff.

We preserve and create jobs in Germany, we are committed in our region and we will maintain production in Germany in the future. A human sense of proportion, decade-long experience and expertise are essential for managing this.

This is the only way to make sure that we effectively produce footwear for well-being. We will always follow effectiveness and sustainability with regard to our promise of quality. In every respect.

FinnComfort offers various widths and shapes; if you have not yet worn FinnComfort shoes, please contact us for advice on +49 - (0) 951 – 37929.

Thank you very much!

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